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Violanta - Melomakarona with Chocolate - 500g

Violanta - Melomakarona with Chocolate - 500g

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Melomakarona, a tasteful combination of honey and walnuts that becomes a sweet temptation for everyone, as every bite melts in the mouth giving you a truly exciting taste experience. For extended pleasure you can try the new heavenly made Melomakarona covered with chocolate.

What are melomakarona?

The holidays are approaching! For us Greeks, this means that some of our favorite holiday sweets and pastries, such as Melomakarona, Diples, and Kourabiedes, will be more readily accessible. Melomakarona (pronounced mel-low-ma-KA-row-na) are honey-orange-clove-cinnamon syrup-drenched delicate cookies that melt in your tongue, and they're one of our particular faves.

They're the most popular Christmas and New Year's delicacy in Greece, and you'll find them in every house throughout the holidays. Many families still make their own melomakarona at home, according to custom. They're simple to create, and you can tailor them to your preferences by modifying the ingredients. If you don't feel like baking, melomakarona is available in every pastry store and bakery in Greece throughout the holiday season.

About the company: Violanta: Our history starts from a neighbourhood bakery located in the city of Trikala at the center of Greece.
Over the years we have developed and grown our product range, adding many different flavors and there for we have succeeded to satisfy the demand of our market.Today we possess a wide range of 130 products, gaining the reputation of a quality and inspirational producer of cookies and biscuits, with potential for large-scale production, but always keeping our top quality standards.

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