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Pierroutsakos - Aubergine Garlic Spread BIO - 200g-Spreads & Sauces-Bakaliko Greek Products Online Shop Netherlands

Pierroutsakos - Aubergine Garlic Spread BIO - 200g

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About the product: Pierroutsakos Eggplant Paste is one of the oldest and most traditional tastes of Greece. Served throughout the country, eggplant past is as popular as Tzatziki in Greece.

Produced in: Ancient Sikyon, near Corinth, Greece
Vegan, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Non-GMO & Sugar-Free certified Organic Food Products

About the company: The company Pierroutsakos Original Tastes was founded in 2012 in ancient Sikyon, near Corinth, Greece. The founders, Dimitris Pierroutsakos and Christina Palamara started producing organic fruits and vegetables in their own orchards, certified by ΔΗΩ (the country’s major certification body). After a series of reinvestments, the company launched a series of products, combining organic agriculture with traditional tastes and recipes of Greece.

Instructions: Serve as a dip and accompany one of the Greek traditional dishes.

(Greek: πατέ μελιτζάνας)

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