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Oikonomakos - Syglino Maniatiko ±350g

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About the product: (Syglino - Apaki) Cured Salted Smoked Pork Meat Cuts from Mani, Greece. 
The package weight variates to approximately 350gr ±50g

Syglino is a special cured meat of the Mani, Peloponnese. Following  an old tradition, pork meat is smoked with aromatic herbs over wood and the salted meat is then boiled in pots with wine, oranges and spices. The meat is preserved in large clay pots using only extra virgin olive oil or ‘glina’ ( pork fat) as a preserving agent. “Syglino” is an extremely tasty food, which can be served, cold or warm, as an appetizer with wine or ouzo, or in omelets and sauces. Although, it is still prepared at home using the traditional method, ‘Syglino’ is now produced and packaged as a high-quality product for year-round enjoyment.

This salted pork delicacy has garnered distinctions at tasting competitions in London for the best quality and taste. Preservatives are not used for cold cuts, but traditional preservation methods. 

About the company: Oikonomakos is a family-run business based in Kalamata, Greece, which produces traditional sausages and the famous Greek apaki and sygklino.

Instructions: Goes perfect with Tsipouro or Raki as an appetizer (meze).

(Greek: σύγκλινο μανιάτικο καπνιστό)

Shipping notice: This is a refrigerated product (fridge). Including it in your order makes the order possible to be delivered (and subscribed) only in the destinations mentioned in our Shipping page.

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