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Atlantikos - Aegean Anchovy (Gavros) - 1kg
Atlantikos - Aegean Anchovy (Gavros) - 900g
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Atlantikos - Aegean Anchovy (Gavros) - 900g

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About the product: They are used in small quantities to flavor many dishes, as a side dish, but also as a main one. Because of the strong flavor, they are also an ingredient in several sauces and condiments, including Worcestershire sauce, caesar salad dressing and many fish sauces.

About the company: Atlantikos Seafoods stand out for their high nutritional value and their exceptional flavour. To ensure the best possible quality the company sources their products globally from a great network of trusted suppliers. All kinds of seafood are sourced from the best fishing areas and as a result, you are provided with the finest in frozen fish & seafood from all parts of the world.

Instructions: Always defrost before cooking.
Remove the heads and the backbones from the anchovies; take care not to break up the fish. Rinse the fillets thoroughly and place them in a baking tray. Season with salt and pour over the juice of three lemons.
Set aside to marinate for about 1 hour until the flesh has turned white.
Mix some lemon juice along with some orange juice, olive oil, green onion and tomato. Season with salt and pepper. In a bowl, place the salad, pour the marinade and add some apples in dices and minced almonds. Top with anchovy fillets to serve.

(Greek: γαύρος)

Shipping note: This is a frozen product. Including it in your order makes the order possible to be delivered (and subscribed) only in the destinations mentioned in our Shipping page.

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