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Agrozimi - Hilopites With Egg & Milk - 500g-Pasta-Bakaliko Greek Products Online Shop Netherlands

Agrozimi - Hilopites With Egg & Milk - 500g

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About the product:Hilopites” – a word evoking centuries-old memories: aromas of fresh pasta drying on white bed sheets at grandma’s house in midsummer. Perhaps one of the oldest pastas in the Mediterranean basin. We know today that the ancient Greeks kneaded the laganum, a thin round dough sheet made of flour and water, which they dried and cut into strips, similar to their modern version. Agrozimi hilopites pasta is made with strictly sourced raw ingredients, reviving a time-honored culinary tradition. Unlike other pastas, hilopites is not drained: it is served in its reduced cooking water, hence its current name (hilos is the Greek word for “gruel”).

About the company: A 40-year-long history in Pella, Macedonia, Greece. In 1969, Ghiorgos Martavaltzoglou, an Asia Minor refugee, sets up a bakery in his home village, Aravissos, Giannitsa, where he makes bread and traditional pies. A few years later, in 1974, the second generation puts up a flour mill which grinds top-quality flour. In 1980, the modest mill grows into a traditional food cottage industry. In the years to come, consumers’ trust and a rapidly increasing demand spurred the company into expanding to include the production of pasta – hilopites (Greek egg noodles), flour trahana, couscous etc.

Instructions: Enjoy with prosciutto and asparagus, braised chicken, chicken fillets, a cheddar or mozzarella cheese sauce, or just plain with a dollop of yogurt and freshly ground pepper.

(Greek: χυλοπίτες)

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