We hope you will be happy with your purchase. However, should you feel it necessary to return an item or an item was not up to your expectations, we aim to make the return & refund process as simple as possible.

Below are some of the refund guidelines:

  • You can request a refund and return a product within 14 days of the receipt of the goods if the expiration date is not before the next 30 days unless you are requesting a refund due to a product's passed expiration date. 
  • You can not request a refund if the product is temperature-sensitive and requires refrigeration unless it falls within the next point's cases.
  • You can request a refund and return the item on the following grounds:
    - The product is damaged (packaging and interior),
    - The product is not as described in the product page,
    - The product has expired or has clear signs of suboptimal condition
    - The product is not the one that was ordered
    - The product has been opened

Please note we cannot replace any products that have been opened or items that are refrigerated or frozen. Any returned products must be returned to us in good condition. All refunds and reimbursements/exchanges will be arranged within 5 days of our acceptance after the safe receipt of the returned goods. Any product returned must be within its original packaging and be adequately packed to avoid any possible damage.

In case you choose to return the products by normal post then the cost and risk of returning the products is the responsibility of the customer (unless the returned item has arrived damaged or in an 'unsuitable' state in which case we will refund you the return costs upon submitting the sending receipt). You should confirm to us by e-mail that the return is being made prior to sending it. The courier must be informed of breakages or shortages at the time of delivery. 

In the case that you chose our payment method to pay later, the returned goods will be deducted from the total outstanding balance as well as any postal fees incurred to you for the return of the goods (in the case that the goods arrived in a damaged or in an 'unsuitable' state).

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