About Us


Wat betekent het? Bakaliko, is originally a Turkish word that passed into the Greek language. A place that is a cross-over between a meeting point, a cafe and a grocery shop, all in one. In our case it is a digital meeting point for all lovers of the Greek Cuisine and its exquisite flavours.

The Bakaliko store was built around a simple idea: "Greek food should be accessible and affordable to anyone in the Netherlands (and beyond)".So we made that our mission: to offer you a rich variety of Greek products at competitive prices with a personalised level of service. 

Our house 'rules':

  • Our depot store works with the concept of 'order now, pay later'.
  • We are a members-only store in order to be able to expand gradually without hiccups to our service to you, to control our supply operation efficiently and keep the prices low as the demand is overwhelming. You can invite up to 3 people per month through your Account page.
  • Only after we check your order we arrange payment & delivery with you. There will be times that one of your ordered items is out of stock. We always try to avoid that by managing our orders carefully but if that happens we will inform you about it and adjust your order accordingly. 
  • We cover the majority of big cities in the Netherlands. Please see our shipping page for details. We use our own fleet for deliveries.
  • Shipping to other EU countries also possible (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France).
  • Our products are stored in professional warehouses covered by ISO & HACCP regulations and inspected frequently.

Amsterdam Store:

Sint Nicolaasstraat 49
1012 NJ, Amsterdam

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Our Warehouse

Welcome to Bakaliko!