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Eolis - Greek Mountain Tea - 12 capsules
Eolis - Greek Mountain Tea - 12 capsules
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Eolis - Greek Mountain Tea - 12 capsules

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A collection of traditional Greek infusions
in capsules that are compatible with N espresso* coffee machines

  • 100% natural product without the use of dyes or other substances.
  • They do not contain caffeine and sugar.
  • Each box contains 12 (±20g) capsules (compatible with N espresso* coffee machines).

About the product: After years of effort, we managed to create capsules that can give the taste, flavour and beneficial properties of these herbs. Eolis herbal teas can be produced easily and quickly with the push of a single button.

You can use the Eolis capsules in N espresso* coffee machines and within a few seconds, you have prepared 180ml of a healthy drink.

Eolis capsules contain 100% natural ingredients and are free of impurities, additives or chemical treatment.

Mountain tea is an aromatic medicinal plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It is grown in steep rocky areas with altitudes above 1000 meters. These species are particularly resistant to drought and low temperatures. They are particularly encountered in rock slopes where few plant species could survive and and can mainly be found in Greece. The prepared tea under the name “Mountain Tea” has many beneficial properties.

The beneficial effects are due to its anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and antioxidant action. It is also considered to be stomach friendly, diaphoretic, tonic, anti-irritant and anti-anaemic because it contains Fe. It does not contain caffeine like most of the other teas while its antioxidant action is similar to that of  green tea. The scientific name Sideritis comes from the Greek word “iron” due to its ability to heal wounds caused by iron weapons of the time or the high iron content of the plant.

* The N espresso trademark is owned by third parties and is not affiliated with EOLIS

How to use:

1) Before using an Eolis capsule, clean the coffee machine with clean water. Just press the button without putting a capsule in the coffee machine.

2) The maximum quantity of liquid that a capsule will produce should be 200ml.

3) After adding your preferred sweetener, you can add ice and enjoy your beverage cold. 

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